Brent Farris

You can check out my latest games, software, web applications and more at my studio's website:

Bearded Man Studios, Inc.

Software, Gameplay, Frontend, and Backend Engineer

PC, Console, Mobile, Web.
Anyone can learn syntax, but logic and problem solving takes experiance.
Design captivates the viewer, controlls the player, and streamlines the user.
Understanding of light and shadow in a two deminsional world explans the next deminsion.
Adding an axis adds possibilities.


If you have played a Farris Arts game or are curious about one of the Titles, just click one of the images.
Primitive Space Cube Companion Paint Stuff Blockheads Blockheads Top Five App For Windows Phone


Screen2Desktop is software that instantly saves your print screen to your desktop, also if you hit ctrl + printscreen you can area select (not to mention you can choose your image format).

XNA Game Engine - A game engine I wrote that mainly is for windows phone 7. It has embedded scripting, model viewer, etc.

Database Driven WebApps

Farris Academy - A website I created so that I could teach what I know. This site was accomplished using the Google Youtube API. Viewers who log in can also keep track of videos that they have watched.

Baflink Search Engine - Yes I have written a search engine. This search engine is ran off of a server at my house and searches through 10,000,000+ web sites in a matter of miliseconds. It has artificial intelligence that analysis search queries and learns / improves its results within 5 minutes. This engine also has a built in image editor for when you search for images.

Baflink Mobile - A mobile optomized version of the above search engine.

HTML5 Animation Studio - This is a web application dedicated to making simple animations for a website in HTML5 canvas. It supports things such as click events and does not require for you to do anything but put an iFrame on your site.

HTML5 Snake - This is a snake game with a high-scores database completely done in HTML5 Canvas.


C and C++ C# UnrealScript Unreal Engine Python PHP MySQL Query Language JavaScript Maya Embedded Language


Unreal Engine .NET XNA jQuery jQuery Mobile



Server and Administration

Linux Server MySQL SSH FTP Apache Sphinx Search

Platform Development

Windows Linux Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 8 Android App-Store Xbox Indie


Visual Studio Unity 3D Unreal Development Kit Monodevelop Perforce Maya 3ds Max Blender Photoshop After Effects GitHub